Broken Heart

My heart began to break in early 2006 when my husband was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer and at that moment, I knew our lives would never be the same again. The crack slowly widened over the next year as I watched my husband’s life fade away, my daughters’ lives turned upside down and our family as we knew it slowly crumble, the whole while the pain in my chest growing ever more excruciating. When my husband passed away on July 3rd, 2007, my heart finally broke wide open, leaving a gaping hole filled with nothing but pain. I finally understood what it meant to have a “broken heart”. As agonizing as this experience was it was after, when everyone had gone back to their lives and I was left alone, that I found just as difficult. The long, sleepless nights, solitary Saturday evenings and my big, cold bed were the worst. I tried a self-help group at a local community centre but found it overwhelming. I know that if H2H had been available to me then, it would have been the perfect resource. It would have helped so much to be able to connect with people one-on-on who were going through the same thing.