Heartbreak to Heartbreak is a site where individuals support each other through all forms of heartbreak.

So, your heart is broken...

The pain you are feeling is real. The area of your brain that processes physical pain is the same area that is activated after a loss or breakup. Life as you know it has changed, and feelings of loneliness and sadness are the new normal.

What your mind and body need most now is human connection. Heartbreak to Heartbreak facilitates this by matching you with fellow broken hearts who are going through similar experiences to you, at the exact same time.

This "shoulder to lean on" is available in your very own city/neighbourhood. You can chat online or share your story over a cup of coffee. By exchanging advice and talking through your emotions, you will both begin your road to emotional healing, and make a friend in the process!

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Number of physical symptoms of sadness.


Number of people looking for companionship online.
(Statistics Canada, 2017)